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Henk Fresen Beautiful Bonsai Display Bronzes

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Bobby Curttright brought by the study of a recent shipment of wonderful bronze miniatures Henk Fresen and enjoyed dreaming of what could show with they. It works as an example for the display of innovative bonsai, as you can see in the Taikan Ten, and of a quality comparable to bronzes Matt and coil used to configure presentations tokonoma Shinji Suzuki when we were apprentices there.

I was particularly taken with reclining elk and tree frog, despite all these pieces have a subtle charm that comes from the skillful hands. The frog, heron, and scorpion so exquisite (I never thought I’d say a scorpion was exquisite, but just happened.) Here are some pictures of them:


for the work of this Dutch artist, visit their website:

IMG_2426 IMG_2427

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Henk Fresen Beautiful Bonsai Display Bronzes

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