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Hemlock Mountain In levitated Board Nylon

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Yes, that’s the correct title … plastic bonsai. He was not sure of myself.

By late summer of 2010 contained in this Hemlock Mountain, mertensiana Tsuga , with my friend Anton Nijhuis in Canada, and potted in a strange box that was kind of overhang because the prostrated tree had been growing through moss on the rock. Digging through the moss discovered a curious double trunk base that looked like it should be styled in an unorthodox manner, so naturally I wanted. A year and a half later, the box was full of roots, and the time seemed right to complete this strange my idea.

I’ve always wondered about alternatives to the stone and prefabricated slabs. They tend to crack or break just when a show is only being created; your time is really impeccable. In addition, a data bit ironic that I used to be a potter, I have been attracted to the idea of ​​doing almost invisible platforms, instead of a ceramic bowl. In other words, some tree stand really is not an element in your presentation. So the idea of ​​a strong waterproof little visible support ,, had me pondering for a while.

Like many of my creative endeavors, short test me all I know. ‘So I have this idea … how do you do if you want to do that?’, And ending with a collage of ideas that allows you to edit and organize a complete vision, something like a conductor or director cinema should not guess. With an assortment of strange tools, bolts and ideas of students March season and I spent more than a day cobbling things together, and it was great fun– Thanks Roger, Gary, John and Konnor!

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Mountain Hemlock before styling.

wrought, but before the experiment potting …

Right side view — rushes tree toward the back before coming forward.

A box full of roots in 100% of pumice, a year and a half from the collection.

Box Tree in position on the board of nylon, with a sketch design platform ink. The fragile root ball is held together with gauze. A lot of moving in this point with a root ball would have destroyed unwrapped. Gary or legs Roger, I think … sorry guys, I’m not attentive enough to identify boots or belts. Thank you both, though! There was a fair bit of holding things in place that day.

Konnor Jenson, my regular apprentice bold, presentation of the edges of the board. Wearing a woolen hat, which looks like a recalcitrant Portlander!

The plan to hold the dirt leaning wall instead. We did not take a shot of the rope that wove between chopsticks, offering little support. The heads of the screws you see are the top of our idea of ​​levitation, with round caps under insertion acts as ‘legs’.

Mossing the surface; no nose courtesy John Kahlie body. He passed the test mossing with great success and will be relieved to pass the lichen on next season … Just kidding, John!

The final design. Small accent plants near the base are heather and a curious evergreen penstemon, for those interested in the smallest elements. The moss can grow over the edge of the platform, hiding it, at least that’s the hope. This tree had a strange curve in the smaller right boot, and thought that the addition of a wall cantilevered on the right side would marry well with that, something like a second bad note struck on a piece of jazz you think, “Hey, that guy must have intended that, so maybe it works’. Opinions? Please let me know. in any case, this tree need to fill out a bit. the buds are swelling well in my greenhouse and will be there for a . month under a misting apparatus as it got naturally in Vancouver island …

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Mountain Hemlock

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Hemlock Mountain In levitated Board Nylon

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