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In general, we want two new outbreaks at the end of each branch to develop in black and red pine bonsai.

Pine buds

red pine – two outbreaks summer

nature, however, do not always give you what you are looking for.

Pine buds

Black Pine – three outbreaks

Pine buds

Four outbreaks summer

Pine buds

outbreaks continue what I have

A session can be acceptable – especially when that’s all we have – but three outbreaks are not so. It is easy to fill a silhouette with branches that have three, four, five or more sessions each, but this is not always desirable. What are the benefits of the branches with two sessions each?

  • More attractive branch structure
  • No unsightly knuckles
  • Easy to maintain balanced branch density
  • Easy to wire

are there exceptions? Insurance. Okay, for example, to leave more than two outbreaks in the preparation of a tree display if additional foliage is needed to improve the silhouette. Occasionally also I left three or more branches of trees in the development knowing that I’m going out additional thin branches in the future.

What do I do when more than two buds appear after decandling summer? Usually, no. I’ve seen magazines recommend slimming summer outbreaks two to save us work cut fall and to prevent inflammation resulting from a large number of shoots that emerge from the same place. I’m not sure, however, that the elimination of additional outbreaks in summer always produce the desired effect.

The appearance of two outbreaks in more than one branch is an indication that the industry is quite strong. In general, the summer trips are, the stronger the branch. As a problem in terms of strength, resolve the problem is not the number of outbreaks, but the best way to deal with excessive force.

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Why not eliminate additional outbreaks? Reducing the number of outbreaks can channel the remaining force in fewer branches, thereby producing an even more vigorous growth in the remaining shoots. It is often better to let additional outbreaks are developed through summer and remove when cured off in autumn or winter.

What if there are five or more outbreaks – Do not you think that a large knuckles? My main concern in these cases is no scarring or unsightly branch unions that can be developed, but the overall effect of the branch. Unless it is important to preserve the branch, I’m more likely to eliminate completely because there is too much energy to be useful in a refined tree.

I will run through some examples in autumn, when the new growth hardens and this summer season begins clipping. Meanwhile, see Basics cut pine for a good start.

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