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Getting the balance right – track

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One of the most common challenges with pines refining is balance. Last summer I wrote about a red pine forest with uneven growth (see “Getting the Right Balance”). To improve the balance between the trees, I decandled the weak trees early and after strong trees.

This is how the pine saw last spring before decandling.

Week 2015 – the trees on the right are strong

At the time decandling, I took the plunge more needles from the strong trees to reduce its force .

June 2015 – the strongest trees are left with fewer needles

How does this turn out? Here is the group planting in August.

August 2015 – the summer is filled growth especially in

And this is in January.

January 2016 – the balance is good

The compound exhibit improved balance of easy preparation.

red pine as shown at the 17th annual exhibition Bay Island Bonsai

hope necessary additional adjustments will be to produce even growth new this year -. And if that’s the case, I will repeat last year’s approach and see what’s coming this fall

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Getting the balance right – track

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