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Curttright My apprentice Bobby and I were looking forward to this all month long! longtime friend Gary Wood came west to share your tree magic with us in a seminar last weekend. I always thought his name was a karmic promise …

Gary knowledge of trees, their inner workings, and how they respond to stimuli including sharp utensils bonsai is nothing less than encyclopedic. And it is an almost prophetic inventive thinker. On the one hand, their own observations it had almost ten years before research on the role of auxin and sugars in determining the growth of plants.

A dozen Northwest fortunate people gathered in my study made full, Gary humorous day.


Gary has a whimsical deep wisdom, treeish, like Mark Twain and Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture, had a natural child. He does look a bit like Twain, is not it?


Gary in the backyard on his day seminar. He enjoyed my mug collection. Cats enjoyed hide their glasses. Everyone enjoyed their teaching.


Wood Master often took 50 feet. ‘Excursions’ out on the premises when he wanted to point out something on a tree.


It was a great day of fun! We’re still nibbling presentation reflection. Thanks Gary-

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