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final walk through the area Taikan-ten sales

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Many companies in Japan announced the closing time by playing a song called Hotaru no Hikari – The light of the firefly. It is based on a sum of Auld Lang Syne. When the music starts, you know it’s time to save everything that is going on.

is difficult to leave a good show bonsai at the end of the day. What is surprising is how difficult it is to leave the sales area. Partly because there is not much to do, in part because there is hidden the treasures waiting to be discovered, and quite possibly because there is so much that is desirable but unattainable.

As heard Hotaru no Hikari begins on the last day of the exhibition of bonsai Taikan, I made a final pass through the sales area as vendors started to pack so many things that would be fun to take home .

Taikan-ten sales area

Trees are arranged below in order of price, from the smallest to the most expensive. For those curious about the prices, the character “万” or “man” (rhymes with “on”) is ¥ 10,000. “円” is the Japanese character for yen (¥).




Trident maples

white pine


white pine

Ginkgo – note the low cost alternative for bonsai pots




Arce trident


Arce trident


Arce trident




white pine

juniper Needle

variegated jasmine


Arce trident

And do not forget the suiseki or pots available, here are some examples of each.



130 pot

Tofukuji up, down shudei kowateri

150 pot

Heian Kouzan – mid 20th century

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final walk through the area Taikan-ten sales

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