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final episode: Kokufu, Matt reel, Snow

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It is true that this is not as exciting as Star Wars, but still, our final episode is the photo finish of our trip to Japan this February! Hurrah! Cymbals crashed, drums going crazy, frogs jumping from bridges, etc.


Going back in time a bit for our first day … we all become children during dinner. Here it is Peter Grant and bibs, waiting for his ‘bacon’ to be completed, as the strips of pork grilled were called. In a Korean restaurant in Tokyo.


Again back in the tripping time, this is Howard leafing through a greenhouse filled with UME in Saitama.


We are now back on the Suzuki. This was my last tree, a juniper, located in a new angle to the branches need some adjustment.


Another tree I worked. I had forgotten about it, but there’s a shot over the worst of it later.


Matt spool working in a tree behind a lumen debudded. the old ones just get tired and pouting if you leave all their flower buds in.


awful picture, as promised. Too much snow at this point to a good light … is almost five feet on the side of the greenhouse. He reached up to seven feet between the greenhouses …


Matt with a Black Pine, and Bobby looking.


Bobby with juniper. Again, the stripes.


Matt adjustment fine wires on the outside of this pine Black.


A tree Matt has been working, a spectacular juniper could win a prize someday. It is a grafted tree.


By request, here is the red pine Tyler was working. very twisted trunk. Good work

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The cascade juniper I worked on the screen. Moon parchment, stone rock.


Bobby well done juniper-


The restyling White Pine completed and set for inspection Suzuki.


And a little snow.


After hours of shoveling, Tyler layer had soaked all the way through and his shirt was totally wet. Water wrung my gloves just squeezing them. And still we not finished shoveling. Yuki right, nephew of Suzuki and his new apprentice.


Matt. Snow. More Matt. More snow.


What happens when the bullet train goes off for two days. The Nagano train station is usually pretty empty, and these people were waiting for the tracks to reopen. The Australian snowboarder with mohawk just had to be cut in the celebration, I think, boredom.


Lavandera at the train station, and the only one there who seemed to have no function

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final episode: Kokufu, Matt reel, Snow

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