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Filter fertilization this year!

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There is nothing like a good title for dogmatic dramas, right? I must add an ‘o well!’, But I have not the heart for it. However, we must be properly punished for spreading fertilizers, as if it were an absolute good.


What that kid is using, obviously, should be applied discreetly

For bonsai, generally do not need to control the growth axes. And for fertilization bonsai, we can make this a basic distinction:

  • Begin fertilizing a sapling, unrefined, when it begins to grow in early spring
  • wait a bit with an older, tree, usually refined begin fertilization when tightening it is spring growth [19459007just]

This makes two assumptions:

  • for the young tree, you want to develop the size of the trunk and still is the youthful vigor … to fatten the trunk development branch, get a cheerful great growth, have strong parties cell
  • For the old tree, you want to keep a feeling “old tree” … have thin branches, small leaves / needles, short internodes, good branching and teas pianissimo afternoon

to give some perspective to this, in the garden of Shinji Suzuki in Japan, where I studied, we started fertilize around 15. May, which was when spring buds were finishing elongation. About 90% of the trees were met in this way; the other 10% were fertilized later or earlier according to purpose. Here in my yard in Portland, Oregon, I have only a handful of trees that grow enough to follow the rule on May 15 so my percentages are reversed. I have trees mostly undeveloped, so I’m looking for more the size of the trunk, creating branch, large leaves, and / or emerging-so massive that pays most of the trees with the beginning of growth in March .

Ok. Questionnaire:? If we had to pay all of it, with force, beginning earlier this year, what would happen

  • Young trees remain forever young
  • old, developed trees young again would become

And here’s another to nibble:

  • the older the tree, the most important fall fertilization is

(Disclaimer: There are plenty of exceptions to everything I just said, which naturally makes a blog about bonsai a total disaster for example :. . pine Black, forget all about the old stuff tree Want to fertilize the pants to the old trees in the spring if they are candles cutting. And if you’ve really got a pine with pants on, you have bigger problems.)

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Filter fertilization this year!

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