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Field upgrade cork oak grown

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recently published photos of four cork oaks responded differently to being dug and planted in pots. A weathered the transition well, both lost their leaves immediately, and the fourth showed few signs of life. Only three weeks later, the trees are looking much better. Here is the first tree.

cork oak – there are no signs of stress after starting

The other two trees look almost as good as the first. The second tree leafed quickly -. The third tree leafed and produced many buds along the stem

leafed tree two totally outside

tree three with a lot of new outbreaks

The fourth tree made a surprise comeback. They leaf out and back in the making and is on track to reach the other trees in the coming weeks.

May 3 – the fourth tree is finally out perusing

As I am mainly interested in getting healthy trees at this time, I’m leaving grow unchecked to help them develop new roots. I’m also starting to feed them a little to support new growth. Trim and selection branch are still a long way off -. It will report back when the time comes

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Field upgrade cork oak grown

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