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February 2, Jaboticaba Bonsai trees -. Favorite subtropical suitable for indoor

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bonsai trees Jaboticaba do a graceful, bonsai fruiting. By their nature, they are small trees, but technically not miniature fruit, which will surely give you that look.

By their nature are vertical trees and rarely are styled differently. The straight trunks also have a graceful and smooth movement.

Close-up bark jabuticaba

The tree branches profusely and makes a beautiful individual tree. Two or three together make good groups.

The leaves are soft and almost pink when new, develop into something shiny dark green as they age.

The jabuticaba crust is thin and flaky reddish color.

Occasionally the skin patches, leaving a variation in color attractive, as shown here.

(similar to the guava, a long distance relative.)

shown Prize Cup jabuticaba winner Mike Lebanik Artisan here in the joy of Bonsai exhibition in Florida 2016

One of the most exciting things about jabuticaba bonsai trees is the creamy white (almost looking fluffy) flowers.

Soon after, the dark (almost bl ack) size of a grape purple fruit that grow directly on the trunk.

jaboticaba flowers

You can see why sometimes called the Brazilian grape.

Both flowers and fruits grow directly on the trunk.

from flower to fruit takes only 21-25 days.

Scientific Name jabuticaba (. Eugenia cauliflora syn )

Cauliflorous it is a adjective referring to the production of flowers and fruits that form in the trunks and often in the branches of trees older

common names . Jaboticaba, Brazilian grape, Jabotica, Jabuticaba and others

Two tapas?

jaboticaba bonsai trees, jaboticaba, Brazilian grape

Many trees in nature have a vertex.

The shape of this small tree in the ground almost always consist of at least two key tops, if not more.

With careful and continuadopoda, you can preserve a beautiful crown in the form of mature tree. If you decide to have a single trunk, the tree sigueintentar generate several tapas, instead of that you have chosen.

In the trees jabuticaba bonsai shown above, you can see how much Jim Smith ( left ) and friend bonsai Jean Smith ( right ) uses multiple tops for their benefit.

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jabuticaba Propagation

Jaboticaba – Nelson Hernandez, PR

Myrciaria c. spread most frequently from seeds.

However, a couple of years needed only to develop a small seedling. The seedlings are slow to mature and rarely withstand transplantation and trimming bonsai enthusiasts.

The older plants, however, are very tolerant of pruning roots and branches.

Because it is only w growth and takes 8-15 years to bear fruit from seeds generally begin this bonsai fans with the provisions of nursery or pre-bonsai.

Jaboticaba can also be grown from cuttings and air layers. they are still slow to develop trunks.

Jaboticaba Bonsai Care

In the landscape jabuticaba tolerates both full sun and full shade. However, as bonsai, to keep them at their best, I agree with Jim Smith:

I have found that by increasing Jaboticaba under 30% shade, tips lalas leaves no burn as they do when grown in full sun. no doya any other special attention.

you may have heard the myth that these trees do not make the fruit in a bonsai pot.

Jim also told me: “. My bonsai jabuticaba oldest, created by John Naka in 1973, produces fruit every year

Another thing that makes that “burnt tips” is the lack of micronutrients. jabuticaba s is a plant lover acid. Use an organic fertilizer or a fertilizer search indicates that it is a “type of acid.”

“bonsai trees Jaboticaba are” hungry , “Do not skip meals.

Pruning and transplantation

Trim leaves and small branches can be made throughout the year. Check the roots a year, but is unlikely your tree will anualpoda root. the best seasons for pots and transplant are spring and elverano.

When replant Do not cut roots as drastically as you would with a Ficus and does not expect Myrciaria c. to answer as Ficus .

This tree is a slow response ( especially if you prune hard roots ). be patient, it will come back.

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a first tropical

Jaboticaba bonsai, tropical bonsai

in 1957, the late Miami, FL bonsai pioneer Jim Wilkins created the first bonsai jabuticaba known in the US

The following year, Jim introduced Joe Samuels in Bonsai and jabuticaba.

Now more than 50 years later, the same tree is still served by Jim and Barbara son Gary Wilkins.

Jaboticaba Interior Bonsai trees

This tree is a proven winner as indoor bonsai. At first, it was given in book “Bonsai indoor ‘Paul Lesniewicz.

I’ve seen a number of jabuticaba doing quite well under the lights and eninvernaderos outside the Florida. (I can not promise that will flower and / or fruit.)

As with other tropical products, the Myrciaria c. performs best in warm temperatures and bright light inside. Go atolerar somewhat lower temperatures for a short period, but no frost or freeze. Keep evenly moist but not wet.

problems, pests and diseases

When you buy his jabuticaba, make sure it is well-established. If not, secure the tree firmly in the container. water cautiously. root rot of excess water scarce roots, can become a problem.

aphids are the most likely trouble inside and out. They love the delicate new leaves. In general, this tree is susceptible to very few pests and / or diseases.

One biggest problems is finding a good bonsai tree with a substantial trunk jabuticaba . Because they are slow-growing, larger trees can be expensive.

Finding the right fit and worth the price!

Where do you go from here

Leave Jaboticaba Bonsai trees and explore other Types of Bonsai trees

there are also on Bonsai indoor .

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February 2, Jaboticaba Bonsai trees -. Favorite subtropical suitable for indoor

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