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Feb 26, the wire tree sculpture Bonsai Created by Artists

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wire tree sculpture is nothing new. The use of wire jewelry design is well known.

However, when bonsai artists involved, everything gives a very unique ‘turn. “

June Navarro

in July 2015, I saw a post by Tony Tickle showing a tree wire sculpture purchased by his friend Bryan Dillon.

it was amazing. I immediately wrote to artist June Navarro in the Philippines, and asked how the creation of its trees wire began.

his answer was a little surprising.
for me, it’s just a coincidence.

almost 10 months ago, was looking for some websites … for real bonsai and how to care for them … on this website ( ), for the first time, I saw Ken for bonsai and I was inspired … That was the beginning for me .. . “

wire bonsai tree close up

Although Jun is relatively new in the art, that seems to be dominating safely.

can see the incredible detail in this photo closeup.

I asked the green coloration.

June said “ is green florist wire with a little paint to make them more realistic, based on the true bonsai .”

You can contact him and see more of work Jun on Facebook

Matthew Gollop

How Mateo gollop, which resides in the landscape beautifully wooded Norfolk, England to start?

“Despite having spent over 30 years on this earth, which has just struck by the beauty and the strength of the trees.

“once awakened such thing begins to detect them everywhere, gentle giants that share the planet with.

“all started when I was in a meal and playing with a muzzle of a bottle of champagne ( wire holding the lid in .) Without thinking, I started to bend the wire and the tree to a tree outside.

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“After nearly killing myself with a reel of galvanized steel, which quickly ordered aluminum craft wire, and set to work making trees. “

This close-up shows how Matthew uses wire to create without beautiful problems jins and shari in your bonsai.

You can see more designs Matthew on your Facebook page!

Ken A

When I came into contact with Ken for its history, this is what he had to say.

I made my first Christmas tree during 2007 as a gift for my wife. In February 2010, I made my wife a second tree for Valentine’s Day.

“My technique has improved by then, but still did not have cable right. I finally found the perfect for my needs and I started making the trees.

(I always do things in abundance when I’m learning something. )

it was the same as when I first learned bonsai time, I knew that the only way to get a better life was through practice.

small bonsai Notice Ken containers.

Many of them are Jim Barrett, known potter bonsai California (especially famous for sushohin quality and mame bonsai pots.)

From its earliest trees, Ken has been busy experimenting and perfecting his technique.

Just as it is in bonsai, you need a lot of time and practice paraentender material and respect.

While my passion is still conárboles bonsai live, they help me to improve my techniques and styling and consiguenaburrido never learn everything about bonsai . “

A wire tree sculpture by artist
with a sense of humor

Ami Yehizkiyahu

while Tony Tickle (British bonsai artist) was giving programs in Israel (Jerusalem Botanical Garden bonsai exhibition 2012), he found AmihayYehizkiyahu.

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‘Ami’ had some of his tree sculpture wire exposure.


Tony shared some photos of “art” Ami on Facebook.

I was captivated by his joyous creativity! his scenes include trees, people and animals. surely Ami has a great sense of humor.

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Feb 26, the wire tree sculpture Bonsai Created by Artists

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