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Feb 26, irrigation Bonsai

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once read “watering bonsai trees takes years to learn.” How strange, I thought. Why it takes so long to learn a simple thing?

The truth is that irrigation is not as simple as it may seem . And yes, it can take years to get it right.

One of the main reasons is the misinformation in the beginning.

We are bombarded with instructions vary so much, it’s no wonder the beginner is unclear. The following statements are just Examples such varied watering instructions.

  • From a program HGTV on bonsai:
    “Bonsai like it on the dry side, so do not over-water . ”
  • From an early brochure USDA
    “water your bonsai every day.”
  • from a bonsai nursery (not to be identified):
    “water your bonsai every three days.”

The and not all be true!

Watering Bonsai

Outdoors, a garden hose with a wand irrigation it is very successful.

If you prefer a hose, attach a nozzle set at any level low enough not to disturb the soil.

A watering wand with on-off Control is perfect.

They are especially valuable when you ask someone else to the water!

watering bonsai trees, bonsai

If you have only one or some of the bonsai, manual watering using a watering can with a good head rose in it, is one of the best ways.

No matter which method you select watering bonsai. . . enough water so that the water flows through and out through the holes in the bottom of the bonsai pot.

to make sure all the soil becomes wet, the water twice. Allow the first ‘sink in’, then go back and water again.

Variables irrigation

There are many variables when watering container plants, especially bonsai trees. These are some of the basic questions to ask:

  • plant species -? Is by their nature like to be wet, damp or nearly dry
  • Type of potting soil – is thick and fast drainage ? If so, you may need water every day. Or, is the heavy, floor drains slowly and therefore stays moist longer
  • Location – Interior? Outdoor? It is growing in the shade? ? Or the sun
  • Weather in Pot – Containers full of roots dry faster than new pots ?; even when they are of the same species.
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How often?

Beware instructions “water every day” or “every other day” or “every three days”, etc.!

watering bonsai trees, ezo spruce bonsai, bonsai tree bonsai Ezo Spruce National Collection of Washington, DC

Watering bonsai instructions should read something like “kept evenly moist,” “keep wet “or” let dry slightly between waterings “.

bonsai Watering too much can be as big a problem suficiente.Es not important that plants are not with excess water .

cuidadocon be especially succulent, plants such as Jade bonsai.

how often to water? Most beginners not going to like this answer.

inside and out, the real answer

Water as necessary for the type and size of the plant that makes the specific!

As you get to know your bonsai, you will be able to just look at them or pick them up (and say their weight) and whether they need water or not.

large collections of

Some who have many bonsai (perhaps too many) have automatic irrigation systems of one kind or another. While living in Miami, he had a overload system timed watering (excess of my childhood days.)

By developing a large collection or have a nursery, automáticaLos systems are certainly an option. I found my system once a day inviernoy twice a day in summer. Seasonally varié also the length of time for each session .

During the rainy season, often turned off and watered by hand.

Automatic irrigation is not without problems .

may decompose, can be inconsistent in different areas, creating too much water when it rains and clogged from time enhora.

watering bonsai trees, drip irrigation, bonsai The automatic drip into a timer

What about “getting wet”?

Bonsai irrigation immersion is is not always a good idea . If the tree is completely dry, it can be a good quick fix. However, often immersion can compact the soil. This can cause damage to the roots.

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If you find it necessary to “stuck” on a regular basis (because water is not being absorbed otherwise). . . your bonsai can necesitartrasplante, and most likely have to be in a different soil mix .

thick, quick draw type bonsai soil is not as problematic with dipping.

If you think you have a problem … soil before replanting, make sure it is the right time of year to plant species you have.

Reasons for Daily Inspection

bonsai watering every day may or may not be necessary.

However, bonsai do need daily inspections !

did a stroke of animals on a tree?
wind was really bad last night?
irrigation system your favorite little bonsai miss?
What are the mistakes funny looking?

Special Note Watering bonsai in winter

bonsai are protected deheladas tropical and freezing temperatures inside and in greenhouses. Please count them needs watering is very likely to change what necesitabaal outdoors.

Many others remain in the air bonsai plants are dormant libre.Cuando consuming very little water. Sueloque needs be kept moist but not wet. Heavy rains and snowmelt can cause problems overwatering.

This is the reason bonsai by many to end up in garages and other protected areas. Lee massobre bonsai winter care.

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Feb 26, irrigation Bonsai

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