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Feb 16, Bonsai Favorite Books

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“I have read all the books printed in English bonsai.” Yes, I said that. . . in the 1970s! Today, it is hard to keep up. There are more legitimate bonsai artists, more technical and generally better exposure.

The print quality is better, the pictures are in color and fonts are abundant. It’s a whole new world bonsai!

Some of the books on this page are recommendations that have enjoyed in recent years and remain in my personal collection. Others are new and exciting contributions.

the two best for beginners

Bonsai Techniques I – ‘. Bible ‘John Naka is considered by many as the bonsai own drawings of John diagram techniques. This is the perfect for the serious student of the art book is

Bonsai. A Beginner’s Guide – Published by Empire Bonsai is a new book and has beautiful pictures, and fun how-to graphics.

perfect gifts

Giving a bonsai (even a bonsai person) may not be a good idea.

favorite bonsai books

However, a good book? That’s a great idea!

The world of Bonsai

sitting on my coffee table at all times. ( Not a bonsai-how assignment book .)

Photographs bonsai, people and places are incredibly powerful and writing is very well done.

I highly recommend it as a gift for bonsai people and anyone who enjoys the visual arts. As a gift, I suggest the hardcover version.

Reflections on used books

When you see book that seems too expensive, take a look! There may be a used copy available!

used books can be phenomenal business. Maybe it’s just luck, but when I ordered a book of “good” or “excellent” condition, which is what I have.

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Maybe not for the types of coffee table, but certainly for reference tomes This is a real option. If you do not mind a place on the deck, a pair of rejected pages or just a “little tired” look – think about buying used books

, plus Bonsai Books -.
Font reference

Hortus Third”

The full name is Hortus Third: Concise Dictionary of plants grown in the United States and Canada

These are probably the most important plant reference books I have. (I have a 2 volume set). Originally, these books were published so hard back and ran around $ 100. Today, they are a bargain and often available “used”.

If you are a writer of garden (including bonsai) Hortus is a must.

connate perfoliate leaf shape

Do not miss the ‘ Common Names Index ‘ consisting of more than 10.000entradas and Glossary of Botanical Terms including a page the hojailustraciones.

There is no excuse for not knowing what a connate-perfoliate sheet looks!

( If you ever need to know .)

Note to Tropical growers Bonsai

“Biology of native trees of Florida tropical”

If United States tropical plants are of interest, Priscilla botanical illustrations are clear and close Fawcett ‘Up!

The title is a misnomer because there more included ‘natives’. . . What it is a good thing.

Click on the image.

About Your Climate

Most how-to books are not written bonsai for tropical climates. In you live in a tropical area, mostly skip chapters on the types of trees to use, seasons for plants and many mixtures of soil (unless you’re just curious.)

Find a bonsai local club for more precise instructions for your area.

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If you live in Miami, Florida a white pine will not survive. However, non-tropical live in more temperate areas unless grown indoors or in a greenhouse winter.

Always consider the climate in which when selecting books bonsái lives and especially before deciding on a kind of grow.

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Feb 16, Bonsai Favorite Books

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