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Experiments with fertilizer

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I’ve been experimenting with lately fertilizers. For years, my primary fertilizers are cottonseed meal and fish emulsion. Both are easy to find and easy to use.

Cottonseed Meal

cottonseed meal

Fish emulsion

fish emulsion

I’ve been happy with the results too, but they have been curious about new products that have components NPK beyond the norm. Today it is easy to find with humic acid fertilizers, mycorrhiza and a good variety of micronutrients. After talking with Ryan Neil about Mirai approach to food – Ryan has seen good results of such fertilizers -. I decided to give it a try several

Natural Organic Starter Food

E. B. natural and organic stone home Food

Dr. Earth Life

Dr. pellets of life on Earth

Happy Frog Japanese Maple

Happy Frog fertilizer Japanese maple

I’m using fertilizers and tea bags directly on the ground. Some trees have only one of the above, others get some of each.

Chinese quince

Chinese quince with cotton seed meal, Dr. Earth Life, and EB Stone Home

Fertilzer in tea bags

3-1 / 2-year-old black pines with Japanese maple happy Frog fertilizer

Black pine

2-1 / 2-year-old black pines with EB Stone Home

Red pine

2-1 / 2 year old red pines pilled Dr. Earth Life

Black pine

01.01 / 2-year-old black pines with balls Dr. Earth Life


Shimpaku cuttings with a mixture of fertlizers

Fertilzer in tea bags

various different boards fertilizers

do not expect to see big differences in growth or health with different fertilizers, but I’m curious to see if any tendency to develop.

A couple of things I noticed right away. E. B. Stone boot finds its way into the soil well, but can inhibit the drainage and fine particles can form a crust on the soil surface – as a result, I like to use it in tea bags. Water drains through Dr. Earth Life granules applied directly to soil better than it does through E.B. Stone or fertilizers Japanese maple happy frog. cottonseed meal works very well on the soil surface or in tea bags.

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I’ll keep experimenting with more of my trees throughout the year and will be sure to share if you notice any general trends.

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Experiments with fertilizer

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