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Deep in the Redwoods: Jim Gremel

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had been planning for years, this visit home of Jim Gremel. As it happened after some shows in California last week. Here are some pictures of my couple of days to Jim in the beautiful Northern California, USA .:


There is much to do in the backyard of Jim trees in poles, azaleas on the ground near them, bamboo in the back, redwoods in the distance-


Jim is famous for getting very excited molecules wire, and then take them down in a state disappointed again. Annealing copper is softer than anything I’ve used in Japan. When Matt reel was working in my studio last month laughed, saying “This stuff is like aluminum! ‘


Some well-known and well-designed Jim junipers-Kishu and Itoigawa-who has trained from young whips.


Although it was looking forward to sleeping long and nothing but the ironic bonsai talk for a day, Jim reverie ended with this little juniper …


this is the little guy after fiddled with it for half a day. I think it was about 14 “Grown work- shops for Jim for 17 years.


Jim on the beach during a windy day that we ridiculously exhausted after a few minutes. Fortunately we had already absconded with some succulents and ferns on a rocky outcrop on the road, so he had not lost the day.


James Bond Bonsai reclining with some soup,


Jim massive study being swallowed by luxury foliage-


banks trees … recede into the distance


wonderful bonsai prospects in underground large junipers Sierra waiting to be grafted-


well regarded Jim green Atlas cedar that appeared in the National Exhibition few years

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greenhouse full of freshly replanted and grafted trees-


Valentine, ‘Bali’, a highly skilled bonsai worker I have tried several times to get him away from Jim, without success.


Latest oven cooking studio, many do not bons-


did take a look at a cloud the output actually looks like 1 1/2 clouds. Study on the right. Redwoods, on the left. Thanks Jim! Great visit. Still upset that he could not steal Bali, but will recover over time.

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Deep in the Redwoods: Jim Gremel

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