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So what if I’m a bit new to bonsai and I think I have a tree that could benefit from decandling but do not know where to start? Easy – it simple. If you are having trouble finding a starting point and no pros decandling in the area, try the following:

  • Remove all new outbreaks on June 15
  • do not leave pieces
  • leave no more than 10 pairs of needles per branch (see example here)

That’s it – for now. By taking a simple approach, you can learn your tree responds to the decandling and you can start making adjustments to the following year. It is the summer growth too weak? Try to feed more, decandling above, or wait until the tree is healthier before new decandling. Summer is growing too strong? Try decandling term or removing more needles. Summer growth is unbalanced? Feel free to experiment with various techniques to control the force.

unhappy or completely surprised by the results? Courage – many pines respond unpredictably of the first decandlings. red and black pines often settle into a pattern with 3-5 years.

Black pine

Black pine on display at the exhibition Gomangoku 2011

still have questions? Ask distance or participate in one of the many active forums as bonsai Bonsai Study Group – experts are standing by now to help! Then: Decandling aftertreatment


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