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Decandling season is not only to decandling

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Decandling season, usually in late spring to early summer, it may involve much more than the elimination of spring production of bonsai pine. It is also a good time to remove additional needles, reduced light, and even the wiring. Because time is of some importance decandling usually decandle my trees at the appointed times and must be mounted in any strip of the needle, trimming and wiring can handle. To me, that means decandling weekends and pulling needles after work.

In preparation for a recent workshop Bay Island Bonsai, which decandled the weakest tree in my red pine forest 10 days before the workshop (see “Decandling season comes”). I decandled the rest of spring growth as planned in the workshop.

Red pine before decandling

preparation prior to the workshop – decandling the weak tree on the left

Decandling a red pine forest

Decandling the other trees in a workshop BIB

After decandling and some needle pulling

After decandling

to further reduce tree vigor, began to remove excess needles. I left weak areas – and the tree of weak left – alone, and removed all but a handful of needles of the strongest shoots. The result is a fairly basic aspect tree.

After needle pulling

After removal of additional needles

After needle pulling - detail

branches Plucked

I’m doing the same for a number of my pines. After decandling, I take needles. And if I have time before the summer buds develop, I will connect as many branches as possible.

Black pine before plucking needles

Black Pine after cutting-decandling

After needle pulling

Black Pine after removing excess needles

Of course, I still have to decandle, much less plucking, let the wire alone, my little pine trees. I will decandle them in early July, and then rip and wire until the summer buds develop. And if I do not finish all the plucking and wiring, I can always wait until the fall.

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Before decandling

is decandled – and torn? and cable? – In early July

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Decandling season is not only to decandling

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