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Decandling black pine – making the cut

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After many years of bonsai decandling red and black pine, I think I still have to pay close attention as work. It is easy to cut too high or too low, angled cut, cut or accidental needle nearby. If you can avoid these mistakes cutting, you’re off to a great start.

Making the Cut

There are only a few things to consider when making cuts to eliminate spring growth, but each is important.

  • Making square cut – angled cuts can cause uneven growth of summer
  • leave some new tissue – adventitious buds sprout new tissue; the cut in last year’s growth will stimulate outbreaks of needles
  • Do not cut around needles – it is easy to cut accidentally surrounding needles; make cuts carefully

Don't make angles cuts

bad angle

Don't make angles cuts

bad angle

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good angle

Decandled shoots and stubs
lots of new tissues

Don't cut nearby needles

careful not to cut the needles surrounding

approach with scissors closed

shoot Focus with closed scissors

open scissors at shoot

Open scissors when it comes to the session

make careful cut

Cut carefully

I’ll say more about the amount of new tissue to exit in a future post. Thanks to the new practitioner decandling and a hand model Steve for help with photos.

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Decandling black pine – making the cut

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