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Decandling aftertreatment

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reiterate a common theme – decandling is very stressful for bonsai pine. In some cases, trees can lose up to 60% or 70% of their foliage during decandling. needles a year old that have been growing in the shadow of new outbreaks have been recently exposed to the sun. Scores or even hundreds of small wounds have been opened since the trees have lost sap. It is important to be careful at this point to maintain healthy bonsai pine decandled.

How to care for trees after decandling?

Be kind to them. Just pines decandled are gathering forces to send a new growth at this stage -. Growth will not be as strong as it was in the spring

  • irrigation – the removal of significant amounts of foliage of a tree reduces perspiration and the need for water tree, however, decandling passes near the summer solstice and the trees even decandled can dry quickly at this time of year. As always, be careful not to over or under water and reach of the hose before the soil dries out completely.
  • Sunlight – keep decandled pines in full sun. last year needles may yellow slightly, but the sunlight is needed to help stimulate sprouting.
  • fertilization – stop fertilizing when decandle. If using dry fertilizer, remove it when spring buds removed. If you use liquid fertilizer, stop applying when decandle. After four weeks, start fertilizing again following the same incremental approach used in spring. (See “Preparing trees for decandling” for details.) Exception -. If the tree is on the weak side, continue fertilization throughout the summer
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After decandling
Decandled pine – 9 years of age

Anything else?

Yes! Just after decandling is a good time to pine bonsai wire. Some moderation is necessary as the biggest cuts and curves perform better when the tree is less active, usually in the fall or spring. Wiring pine after decandling that can be easily broken needles or injure the freshly cut areas so proceed with caution. And as new shoots may begin to appear after just one week, the window of opportunity is narrow wire. pines wiring buds appear once summer is possible, but not recommended as new growth breaks easily.

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Decandling aftertreatment

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