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Decandling a bonsai pine forest of red

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Although I have only published a handful of explicit bonsai experiments , I tend to think of all the experimental work as bonsai.

know what happens when we cut – a certain amount of foliage is removed from the tree that are working. What we do not know is how exactly the tree will respond. Can we have a general idea – after outbreaks summer decandling appears, for example – but the details are less concrete.

When spring growth off a pitch not know how many buds will form or where exactly they will appear. When decandle weak, interior outbreaks do not know if any of the buds are formed at all.

Although I can not track the results of each final cut on the tree, which can track things like time and decandling technique used.

Instead of taking notes, trying to take pictures whenever possible. Occasionally I’ll see photos of previous years to see when decandled a tree to find out how it went. This may offer clues on what to try next.

My red pine forest is essentially a large experiment to see what can be done with trees that are less well suited to develop themselves. It is also a recurring theme for experiments related to decandling.


Within a few years, I decandled some of the trees more than a month later than usual. This actually weakens the trees that were passed decandled. It took two years for these trees to recover.

Now that the force is again well balanced, you can return to direct work of removing spring growth to stimulate growth more refined summer. This is what seemed to work step by step.

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Red pine forest before decandling – June 2016

After the center tree decandling

I worked with scissors in the right hand and clamps on my left. I find it easier to reach the interior buds with what tools to reach them with my hands.

Working with scissors and forceps

Starting at the top and working my way down, I removed all but the smallest new shoots.

Two full sections

The right side is almost done

tree in front of the entire left

most of the entire left side

Decandling complete

After finishing decandling, which removes a small amount of strong buds and slimmed down some of the branches of the left. The aim is to equalize the density in the left and right of the tree and to vary the heights of trees more sides -. A task that will require time and wiring

Currently, however, the work is completed. I thin some needles before summer buds appear and start to pay back in a few weeks. In a few months, I’ll figure out how to experiment this year is decandling.

The scene decandling

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Decandling a bonsai pine forest of red

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