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Decandling a black pine shohin

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wrapped my decandling for the year by removing the new shoots of a small black pine last weekend. I waited quite late for decandle the tree, as there is a possibility of the show in the next exhibition Bay Island Bonsai and I did not want the new needles to be too long.

Before decandling

black pine

shohin – 19 years

The tree tends to come out fairly evenly so they do not do much to balance the force beyond pulling more needles of the upper branches. As you can see in the picture below, many of the interior buds are weak -. Those who do not decandle

Weak interior shoots

Unless vigorous internal outbreaks

The contrast between the long needles spring and summer last year short needles always crack me up.

After decandling crown

Apex decandled

After decandling front branches

Apex and frontal branches decandled

As the decandling work was quickly, I had time to reposition the tree. Below are shown the branches before and after wiring.

Decandling complete

Decandling complete – but before connecting

After wiring

After wiring – 6 “

A Although the tree has the basic silhouette I’m looking for, there are plenty of branches that I would like to reduce or eliminate – subtle adjustments to improve the tree and help keep it small – but because of an exhibition of looms ahead, I wandered in the side leaving the full tree and will wait for more significant reduction in February.

curious what looks like a small pine decandle? for those who have not seen it, here’s a video of when decandled the tree last year.

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Decandling a black pine shohin

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