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Decandle time for Black Pines –

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Those pines can-candled DE (shooted-DE-foliage-chose his favorite term) include Black Japanese pine, red pine and Japanese some of the less frequently decandled but sometimes very vigorous trees such as Scots pine and Pitch.

is almost the last week or two to decandling in many temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. Here in Oregon, USA, I am in a high latitude and I decandle early, so I did last week. Those in the lower latitudes may be waiting another week or two or three so that the new growth has long needles. The longer the period of growth, the longer we wait to decandle. Those in the southern hemisphere is in this position within six months.

Although I do not go into a comprehensive program of what to do, there are so many forms of decandling, each for a slightly different purpose, and there are a lot of details to it, but I will show you a tree here where I’ve shown before, only for the continuity and to see how it has developed in recent years. It is a ponderosa pine black pine grafted back in 2003 (just six months before my ridiculous adventure as an apprentice in Japan). The tree has been grafted for about 10 years. Several of those years just grown and what is really a bit behind what could have been done, but I-discovered- is difficult to cut the candles when 7,000 miles. My scissors are only 7 “long.

The original pine 'as a ponderosa..

A trip to the past to those who have been following this blog a bit, here is the original pine, a powerful. Tree was collected by Andy Smith and I remember trading a pot in my first convention in 1992. This photo is around 2000.

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All black pine now, growing with wild abandon in 2010.

in 2010, that’s all black pine. Only two grafts. Quite unbalanced, is not it?

Repotted. I did not cut the candles last year, but will this year. I have found that candle cutting is the same on grafted black/ponderosa trees as black pine on its own roots. Cutting the candles will shorten the needles by about half of what you see here.

styled and pots in a different inclination.

We decandle . the kind of very vigorous pine for some good reasons helps us

  • create branching
  • counteract the strong apical nature pine
  • How short needles
  • shorten the duration of outbreaks.

I found that cutting the candle is the same in the Ponderosa pines grafted as just black pine Black on their own roots. Here are some photos showing decandling of this small tree in a few steps:


Ponderosa / black pine in 2013 (a week ago), after a couple of years decandling. Some moderation of energy is happening.


What I did last week: The first part of decandling is pulling out of the hands of older and leaving a spiral around each candle. This shoot was at the bottom of the tree, so that left more pairs of needles than the top. I left 7 pairs in this shoot. Approximately … every decision is based on the strength of sitting next to him, too.


… after taking off old needles, sailing is cut short … and where is also important. A shorter piece strengthen a session, a heel and weaken a bit.


The process decandling completed.


Pine after an hour of work. 12 “high. It looks very low, since the pines most decandled do. In the autumn should be nice and full again, with needles multiple outbreaks have regrown and-with-short luck in scale with this small tree, yet not too short that would be rare and weaken the tree.

Please only attempt these techniques in a strong tree … and then see that not watering a pine recently decandled as their water needs will fall a little.

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* for more information on the details of decandling, I recommend the blog of my friend Jonas Dupuichs’ Bonsai tonight. He has some great pictures there and explains in simple and well manner. in the ‘Search’ field type ‘decandling’ and a large number of posts come that can handle many baffling questions you may have. I hope this is not passing the ball … I admire Jonas blog and I rehash of what has already been done so well is simply silly, and I do enough stupid things in life to achieve redundancy. If you have questions, definitely glad to help me / you confused as best you can.

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Decandle time for Black Pines –

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