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Cryptomeria large air layer – Part 2

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Sixteen months on a project for a large Cryptomeria layers, it was time to separate the layer (see “Expanding air layer cryptomeria – Part 1”).

Cryptomeria air layer

September 2012 – time to make the cut

During the previous nine months roots had grown to fill the makeshift boat, pushing the floor almost half of an inch over the edge.

Roots pushing the soil out of the pot

full of roots

Plenty of new roots

roots growing on the soil surface

Then the original cut was clearly visible. This is where I make the cut.

Ring where the bark was removed


I do not worry about cutting too close to the base of the new roots as leaving a piece allows me to rest the trunk part bottom of the new pot, relieving the pressure of new roots and adding stability.

Removing the layer

sawing away

Almost through


A new tree is born

look ma – a new tree

Layer removed

Capa removed

with a little flattery, he left the old pot. Here is the view from below.

Lots of roots

roots everywhere

I combed my light out new roots growing on the soil surface and around the edges so that the roots they can find purchase in the new soil. I have not moved additional land since there was nothing more than a good soil and root-mass inside.

After combing out the roots

After combing the roots

From here, the layer was treated as a normal root ball and the new pot tied with wire.

Wired into the pot

Fixing the root ball

For stability, which sets two wires to a high branch.

Repotting complete

Separation / Full transplant – 34 “

It felt great to finally place the tree in a bank in another year or so, I can really. work begins bonsai. This will also be an adventure since I have much to learn about actually working with Cryptomeria!

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Cryptomeria large air layer – Part 2

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