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This past winter I picked up some cork trees grown in the field. Most of the soil fell away from the roots when they were excavated by what they potted the day they arrived. The only question I had at the time was whether or not to remove the leaves.

who had seen the question has published a number of times and have heard the answers that suggest both approaches. For this batch, I decided to keep all the leaves. Oaks tend to drop their leaves in spring when new growth emerges so I thought it was just a matter of time before they fell on their own.

I potted bonsai trees on the ground (pumice, lava, akadama) extra pumice and left them in a sunny spot on the floor.

Within weeks, a lost tree had lost a few leaves, two trees had lost most of their leaves, and the leaves of the fourth dead tree, but did not fall -. Normally a very bad signal

Two months later, it is easy to know which trees are those that.

cork oak – it keeps its leaves

cork oak – it loses its leaves quickly

this also loses its leaves quickly

The leaves of this oak died, but do not fall immediately

The first tree, that keeps its leaves started growing rapidly – the new buds are now several inches long. The two who lost their leaves grow well and have had a good start, although they are slowly moving compared to the tree that has not lost its leaves.

The fourth tree does not look good. He had very few roots and showed no signs of life until recently. Just this morning, I thought I saw some swelling buds had begun. It will report on that one.

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I will try removing leaves the next batch of work ahead, but for now the big takeaways is to generate the best possible roots before digging. The tree is healthier before digging, and the finer roots that are close to the trunk, the better.

New outbreaks

Spring growth – note the change of color in the old leaves that are about to fall

a great feature is that cork oak can sprout from old wood. I was happy to see many new shoots appear along the trunk. The only surprise was that outbreaks may arise directly from large cuts.

pop Bud where you cut the trunk

The low emerging buds on the trunk

for now I am leaving the new buds ripen a bit – even a light touch on this point can break them. The next step will be thin and wire the branches will become part of the final design -. More on that when the time comes

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