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cones young red pine pollen

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Some of my young red pines were covered with pollen cones this year.

Two-year-old red pine with a lot of pollen cones

The appearance of so many cones usually a sign of stress. The small number of needles young emerging above provides a test cones -. It seems that this pine had a difficult time last year, possibly due to lack of water during the summer

Some of the pine pollen cones were much more vigorous.

vigorous pine pollen cones near the base of the candles

Fortunately, most of my young pines seemed that the tree down -. No pollen cones, a lot of new needles

healthy pine

The rest of the trees on the bank above the tree resembled.

Without pollen cones, only a seed cones

because they tend to grow saplings in batches, I’m always in search of differences between samples as they may offer clues that can lead to better care. Was there a lot of young trees with pollen cones, you’d need to make big changes, but since there are only a few, I’ll keep watering and regular fertilizing.

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cones young red pine pollen

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