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Compacting the apex of a white pine

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Here’s one for nerds bonsai-‘How to create an iota “is unlikely to raise the ardor of those who have a passing interest . in bonsai But hopefully those who are dangerously close to being nuts about bonsai appreciate the following photos:


Japanese white pine at the start of the day, before removing several of the lower

branches DSC_0895

Konnor cleaning your tree before wiring


pine prepared before stranding


Here we jumped forward a bit … the whole tree with wire and most branches are established, with only the remaining vertex to do-


vertices are difficult. there is no turning back. Many trees, even when shortened the highest branches as much as possible, still have the kind of legginess that this tree has. The question is, how compact the long branches to form an apex? By doing a lot of curves up there …


Partially finished, branches were closed and slid around on top until the buds were all very close .. . the closest serpentine movements you make, the lower your vertex can become.


Most of Meandering finished with only a decrease in do-

ramillas DSC_0944

basically ended with the apex –


And the whole tree, from the new front. We forgot to measure it, the fault is ours! It’s a little bigger than a toy dinosaur and smaller, however, that a redwood tree of modest size. That is in inches. I will work out the conversion to centimeters soon.

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Compacting the apex of a white pine

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