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Carpe partially defoliating a Korean

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Spring is a good time for defoliation – removing leaves deciduous bonsai. As defoliation is very stressful for trees, it is only for healthy specimens that respond well to the procedure. I have learned from experience that my Korean carpe completely defoliate can drive down the weak, interior shoots to death. Now partially defoliate the tree, being careful to keep the leaves in weak or interior branches.

One objective of defoliation is to get more light inside the tree. As you can see in the picture below, in my carpe foliage it is so dense that little light reaches the interior of the tree.

Korean carpe

As the spring is also a good time to cut, cut new branches of about two leaves and removed all the leaves large or down. I used scissors to cut and pulled most of the leaves by hand.

Remove leaves

Here it is a glimpse into the first third of the work.

time-lapse defoliation

This is what the tree looked like when the work was completed.

After defoliating – from above

And here is the view from the front.

carpe Korea – after partial defoliation

From the left side

be given that it was quite conservative with the removal of the blade. Be like the tree responds to complete defoliation (see defoliating a part of Korea carpe 2) and I am curious how the most conservative approach will work. Over time I hope to hone in on the best approach.

This Saturday, I will demonstrate techniques deciduous spring in a trident maple in demonstrating the Napa Valley Bonsai annual Club of Napa, California

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Arce trident

the exhibition will run 11 am-4: 00 pm the demo begins at 13:00 will also be vending tools, pots, fountains and trees available. If you’re in the area – come and say hello


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Carpe partially defoliating a Korean



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