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Carmona, Fukien Tea Bonsai

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Carmona, Fukien Tea Bonsai

Carmona, Fukien Tea  Bonsaicarmona fukien tea bonsai

  • Scientific or Latin name: Ehretia buxifolia
  • Synonym: Carmona microphylla
  • Common or usual name: Carmona, Fukien Tea


  • Boraginaceae (Boraginaceae).


  • Tropical Asia, southern China and Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea and Japan).
  • Carmona is a tropical evergreen tree widely cultivated as bonsai.
  • Fast growing and vigorous.
  • Oval leaves deep green, glossy on the upper side and lighter on the bottom.
  • Flowers white, tiny, fragrant, late spring.
  • It is prized for its glossy leaves, white flowers and small red fruit.
  • Carmona is well suited as indoor bonsai.


  • Carmona supports all the styles used in bonsai.


  • Place in a well-lit area (South West oriented window). Should not receive direct sunlight.
  • In summer it can be placed outdoors in a cool place, always partial shade.


  • Do not stand frost.
  • In areas with a Mediterranean climate can live outside during the summer months, the rest of the year to protect from the cold. In colder areas, should be placed all year in a greenhouse or indoors.


  • The Carmona needs a humid environment and this is a cause of problems.
  • If grown as a houseplant, spray the foliage daily. Alternatively, you can place the pot on wet pebbles without a container is in contact with water; this will produce a moist air around the plant.


  • Overall land can be used for indoor plants or prepare a mixture of three components: clay, peat, sand in the ratio 2: 2: 1.
  • Another option is 100% Akadama, or mixed with 20% of volcanic gravel.


  • Water abundantly in summer and moderate in winter. However, always keep the soil at a constant humidity, since the Carmona easily contracted when dry root mass and not regained.
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  • Every 15 days with liquid fertilizer for Bonsai from early spring to fall, with a break of 40 days during the warmer season. In winter, 1 times a month or month and a half.
  • Excess nitrogen subscriber cancels or reduces flowering.


Carmona is a bonsai that can go cutting the branches throughout the year.

  • The new shoots are always cut to leave 2-3 leaves when 6-8 leaves have appeared.
  • Pruning the most used Carmona is thinning in that remove shoots that cross other or growing up or down.


  • In general, no wire needed to get a good education.
  • If you choose to place wires, one may choose any time of the year; in the young shoots only when they are mature (woody high). Route the semi-ripe bunches alum copper, be left in place for 6-8 weeks (should not stay longer than three months in bonsai).


  • Transplanting in Carmona duty performed every 2 to 3 years, in late spring, with a slight cut roots.
  • Pruning the roots transplant performed simultaneously and sometimes also to the reduction of the aerial part.


  •  Aphids, mites and mealy bugs, against which we will use a systemic insecticide.


  • Mildew and black mold.

Multiplication of Carmona:

  • For cuttings. Easy, just keep in mind that the woodier it will take root.
  • At the time, either, but best in late spring and early summer.
  • Stems should be employed from 3 to 6 cm long, longitudinally bury no more than 2 cm. The base is impregnated with rooting hormones.
  • In good conditions the cuttings root in about 3 or 4 weeks and we managed an outbreak for each of the tips of the cutting.
  • For seeds. Jiggles plant seedlings when they are 4 to 6 sheets using Plastic pots of 9 cm diameter.
  • No grafting or layering is not used.
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Carmona, Fukien Tea Bonsai

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