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Caring for bonsai – On this page we will talk about:

  • An ancient art
  • light
  • water
  • Fertilization
  • Caring for bonsai: Repotting

caring for a bonsai


Caring for bonsai

An ancient art

This type of treatment plant originated in ancient China about 15 centuries ago, was born with a religious metaphor rematch of life over death.

They were unusual plants that thanks to unknown weather conditions were not grown enough taking very special anthropomorphic forms and fascinating.

The trunks of the true Chinese bonsai are old and suffered, from which they emerge vigorous young branches, with great vitality. In the 13th century the bonsai enters in Japan where it assumes various special meanings: in fact a re-interpretation of nature in artificial key allows them to grow plants not naturally created and modified as the original ones. Here the cure becomes the bonsai art of creation, then make his entrance in the countries of the West, around the first of the 900.

Caring for bonsai :Light

The bonsai is a plant that requires all like, a lot of light. Then place it near a window, preferably not in direct sunlight and scorching sun, and if possible in the summer months expose it outside. Even though we were given a map labeled “Indoor” let us remember that in times not very cold year like this tree the external position, so that he can enjoy the summer breeze: no plan is for living exclusively indoors.

Caring for bonsai : Water

caring for a bonsai tree

Bonsai does not require a lot of attention for its maintenance, in fact, unless one attaches the better. In fact, watering is needed only when touching the ground, we realize that it is semi-dry, but if it is wet, it should be left as such. In fact, bonsai care too much water can cause root rot resulting in the death of the seedling. This means that not too hot in the periods in which the water does not evaporate, they can also be many days without the need to be wet.

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Caring for bonsai : Fertilization

Caring for bonsai means to feed them: in fact, in periods of growth when they are still small plants, require regular fertilization with organic manure and mineral.

In adequate amounts and on a regular basis, not to turn this damage to the plant that could also come to the death for too high a dose.

Caring for bonsai: Repotting

Caring for a bonsai; Repotting

Repotting bonsai is part of the cure: for small plants require repotting every two years, while older plants have time to repot longer, typically 3-4 years.

The key issue is to fix the bonsai soil is not too fine, even rather crude excluding any part too sandy. In this way, in fact, the roots grow healthy and purposes, and so will also be for the plant.

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Caring for bonsai

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