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Care for the cold season …

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Each year attempt to wrap a blog on the topic of protecting our cold snarly trees. This year we will try a new approach, and we took a few bite size pieces, in a couple of blog posts.

First, we must bear in mind that the top of a tree or shrub is much more resistant to cold than the roots. When we read about the “hardiness” of a plant in a book garden, this denomination is taking the damn thing is the ground where it’s supposed to be. The designation makes no cases of silly bonsaiists that put him in a bank. roots are much more sensitive than the top!


Many people do not know this, apparently, even some snow sculptures …

Nextly … on the ground is a good first place to put a bonsai in cold weather, usually when you’re down to about 27 M / – 2.8 C overnight. on the ground a pot could be as many as 7 hotter F on a bench three high (according to our experiments here Crataegus Bonsai) more feet. that is a significantly warmer temperature, if you it is a root, and is used to being on the ground.

once the thermometer drops lower, below 27 M / C -2.8, many trees and shrubs temperate need more protection. You may need a greenhouse, tunnel or cold frame poly , either for the winter or for the short wave of intense cold that can last a few days. Many trees are well outside in the below this floor, such as some mountain pine and juniper trees, but beware the / cold wind combo …

The wind can be as damaging as the cold, and both together are a real whiz-bang uff little thing that can deposit a dead tree on the threshold of spring. A frozen wind rootball is not really good. Bonsai can dry out, causing death if not often some branch dieback in the growing season. Keep hydrated trees, and often maintain thawed (if frozen even occasionally, they should not stay that way).

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can work on many bonsai in winter, including wiring and bending. If you have recently wired to a tree, or indeed bend excessively, however, it can not be put in the wind and cold. protect them.

Be careful also to maintain warm bonsai is very high overwinter temperature, which can cause weakening of the following year. Keep bonsai more than 50 F / 10 C creates some problems with cold requirements and the ability to grow in nice and strong spring.

Next in this miniseries … ‘needs winter dormancy and cold’, which will get a little nerd …

(Note: all temperature annotations are approximations, and everything related to cold resistance also depends on the species of tree, later in the year they grew, their health … all these things and others play in this discussion).

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Care for the cold season …

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