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For the care and maintenance of Bonsai does not require a great skill: a little ‘love for plants and compliance with certain basic rules are the basis for the care and maintenance of Bonsai and also, who usually does not consider itself to have a “green thumb”, will have a lot of satisfaction with their own Bonsai.

Care and maintenance of Bonsai

bonsai tree care-locationsLocation

The Indoor bonsai should be positioned in a well-lit room, near a window and away from heat sources such as heaters or the fireplace. To create higher humidity can place the pot on a saucer containing expanded clay and a small amount of water (without obstructing the holes of the pot) that creates evaporating moisture. It should be kept indoors during the fall and winter, but can be placed outside during the spring and summer on the terrace or in the garden in a shady spot to repair it from the direct sun that dry out the soil too quickly.

The outdoor bonsai must be kept out of all year, on the terrace or in the garden. During the summer should be shaded to protect it from direct sunlight. During the winter, when the temperature was rigid enough to remain consistently below freezing all day, you must secure the vessel to ensure that it contains no roots from freezing. It takes just a few simple steps how to wrap the pot with a plastic bag or place it in a box of straw in the most protected of your balcony or garden. You could also repair the pot inside, but in a non-heated and lighted, a greenhouse, a conservatory, a garage or a ladder lit by a window.

care and maintenace bonsai tree : wateringWatering

Bonsai is a living plant, and as such needs to be watered whenever the earth in the pot looks almost dry. The irrigation frequency depends on many factors such as the size and location (internal or external), the seasons, the type of soil contained in the pot. For example, in summer, when the temperature is warmer and the plant has a greatest vegetative activity, the soil dries out faster than it can happen during the winter.

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The watering will consequently more frequently up to, in many cases (for example in summer), to the rhythm of daily watering. To wet the Bonsai is recommended that you use a watering specifically for bonsai, with falling rain, which allows you to drop water on the soil gently sweep it away without the jar. Repeat several times, wetting thoroughly to make sure that the water penetrates well deep into the pot and not stops just at the surface of it. All pots Bonsai are perforated, so that the excess water flows through them while the plant retains water it needs to quench thirst. You can also refresh the hair with water spray. Especially for Indoor bonsai, who suffer a big loss of moisture due to the dry heat created by the heating of homes, Youths of this steaming the leaves? Remember, however, that spraying the foliage or the soil does not replace watering because in this way the plant roots do not receive all the water they need.


The nutrients in the soil are not sufficient by themselves to keeping healthy bonsai. We must therefore act with a balanced fertilizer that contains all the nutrients necessary to the life of a plant. You can use liquid fertilizers or solid slow release, better specific for bonsai and organic based. The Outdoor bonsai should be fertilized throughout the growing season from spring to autumn.

The conifers (spruce, pine) can be fertilized since January because their vegetative activity begins earlier than other varieties. The bonsai deciduous trees should not be fertilized during dormancy to avoid damage to root systems. The bonsai should not be fertilized during the flowering period. The indoor bonsai should be fertilized throughout the year except during the warmer summer.

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bonsai tree care : pruning

Pruning is one of the most important techniques to give and preserve the shape of the bonsai. It should be done regularly and run cutting the new shoots that grow in unwanted direction with a pair of scissors above the base of the leaves. By cutting the main bud of the plant, they develop side shoots, so if regularly pruned, the tree grows more compact. Limiting the growth in height, the trunk develops gradually increasing its circumference and increasingly taking on the proportions of a tree in nature.

By pruning the Bonsai become more and more beautiful: it remains low, but the body becomes more robust and you get a more branching order of the crown and the leaves smaller.


Repotting- bonsai tree care

Re potting is run every two or three years and consists in exchange for land in the vessel containing the Bonsai and possible replacement with a vessel more and in case the bonsai has grown very much and has lost the right proportion between the pot and the plant. The mixture of suitable land is made up of earth, peat, clay and gritty sand into parts that can vary according to the specific needs of Bonsai. You can compose the soil mixtures alone or to facilitate the issue, use specific soils for Bonsai that are on the market (with the foresight to purchase a good quality) or contact a specialist nursery.

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Care and maintenance of Bonsai

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