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Caprichosa ponderosa pine Styling –

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Ponderosa is a tree of controversial North America. Especially the debates swirling around long needles, and its size is a problem with bonsai. I’m of two minds with this. On the one hand, Ponderosa branches pretty well over time, and the length of the needle is reduced quite good. My doubts are that for very small trees, ponderosa foliage does not seem very appropriate. But, for a modest tree and larger size, we have a very rough and rugged character, really very exciting pine. It’s almost the end of pine, in terms of wild feeling ‘pine’.

This ponderosa is modest in size, 26 “. That is large enough to reach beyond the long needles, and then also bunjin, which is one of the best applications for the species. Size needle also drop significantly over time.

Before buying the tree, which had been growing for several years without any management. Ponderosa quickly return to a strong primary outbreak and weaken anything inside when this happens. Some of the branches were very weak. But there were also small outbreaks everywhere, waiting to push.

And that is the background for this tree will fill in the way adjust the energy and style in the photos..


the State purchased tree as long in a pot outside strong shoots, weak interior … pine common problems when at rest for a while.


One of the interesting parts of this tree, a big base that looks as if it is wound to jump out of the pot.


The front inclination and had the most promise.

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After the branch and shoot removal, and needles cut in the strongest areas.


Bobby and I were working on this ponderosa while students had their own project season. Here we take a break to discuss what the hell we were doing with this pine, and why. What they were doing was presented at the next week after the style of an agile pine.


I need a haircut. One of my favorite shirts, beneath all the little blue yaks are words that run ‘yak yak yak yak yak yak …’


Bobby remove Jin Long annoying.


Our final tree. I could go on an interesting piece of the rock during the next spring. What I like about this tree is like the trunk meanders all over the place to finish in a relatively unlikely place. Leaning Tree. The pines are great individualists in the world of bonsai. One of the major decisions was to leave that style flush left branch, which in usual style bunjin removed. That would have made a much simpler, easier to appreciate tree. But leaving that adds a lot of tension, a movement, and character, a sense of pine. It is tempting to make our trees collected too vanilla and easy on the eyes. They lose much of its soul if we do.

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Caprichosa ponderosa pine Styling –

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