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Burning Bush-season Styling and pots

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This tree was originally picked up by Kevin Yates a park in Eugene. It seems that had been held by the delay in the growth of otter who lived in a nearby pond. When Kevin saw this post he recognized his tree and corrected at various points of their origin Thanks!

Euonymus is a popular genre for bonsai. The burning bush, Euonymus alata , it is not a kind of common use, however, and I wanted to give it a whirl. This series of photos was taken in creating this bonsai during the winter season of 2012, in February.

The Euonymus after growing up in a plane Anderson for a few years. This photo was taken the day of plowing, in February 2012.

Unconditional Howard Griesler of Chicago working with the flexible shaft grinder to break down the large cuts pruning. (Howard is an enthusiastic and loves our eclectic restaurants Portland …)

The redoubtable John Denny of Iowa who works in the root ball. (John is a master brewer, and often makes comments about salvia local micros).

Both gentlemen washing the root ball some dirty old earth. I got very far.

The rootball prepared by drying a little before potting.

… prepared Pot for this tree a simple mixture of 50% akadama / 50% pumice was used. This is not a perfect pot for the tree, but at least adjusted. I’m sure there’s a pot glazed colors in your future, maybe a dark blue or green.

The final result. a tremendous amount of development is needed, but it is an unusual species for bonsai and I’m curious to see where it goes. Certainly Japanese maples will give a run for their money in the fall with vermilion foliage.

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Burning Bush-season Styling and pots

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