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Burning Bush revisits –

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Several have asked to see a photo recap of this thick burning bush, Euonymus alatus . We (my pupils and I) began the process of converting this vigorous stump of a bush in a bonsai in 2012.

The guy who picked this Burning Bush said he was growing up the side of a pond where nutria ( a large rodent that eats euonymous) would graze on them. This still has the shari gnawing otter.

Although this tree is still many years away from “show the way ‘, maybe 10 years, here’s your 3rd year status report …

( And while I have your attention … presentations to the artisans Cup will begin on April 1 that day also, by the way, is the last day (extended deadline) for Pot National Competition, so potters out there has few hours to get their best efforts. Good luck to all! it is a very interesting bonsai year.)


Our burning bush, Euonymus alatus, in 2012.


After initial selection branch, a tool flexible grinding by large cuts axis was used.


euonymous has fibrous roots.


and here we are after the initial work and finished pots.


After the first year of growth in 2013.


A showy plant in the fall, for sure! The week before that there was still a lot of leaves, and then came a windstorm. And then I took this photo. Alas.


Pruning in the fall of 2014, they thought


And this is how it looked this winter 2015 is still a long way to go. We are growing out the right branch for some clip-because it is such a low branch that should be fatter. You’ll probably let it grow one or two years. Sometime we do not change the pot, because we needed another tree, I think. The tree looks a little bigger in this pot, but eventually we will need a blue or a green boat. Let’s do another update after printing several rotations around the sun … and maybe by then I’ll have a tree more finished to show, and a picture of it the week before a windstorm half of the removed leaves.

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Burning Bush revisits –

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