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Pine Shore

for the first time in our history two bunjin … this Pine Shore ( lodgepole subsp contorta [) is Vancouver island, BC, picked up by the eminent and excellent Mr. Peter Wilson.

The tree was last pot in spring 2015, shown in the pot, and combed the late winter of 2016. We wired almost all branches and shoot in this pine Shore. The following message on our massive series of bunjin (a whopping two trees) has a pine tree that was carved wireless …


The Shore Pine was encapsulated in this angle rather peculiar in 2015.


in the winter 2016 STYLED, 19 “/ 48 cm Some of the main features of good bunjin are in this whimsical little pine. Very little trunk taper, excellent crust, scarcity of branches (also old and crust), and a single clumsy and irritating trunk next week. Another pine style without wires at all …

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