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Building a metal structure cloth curtain

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Not long ago we talked about shade cloth and its benefits for bonsai. Because our summers roasted here in Oregon, USA, we decided to put cloth curtain of the courtyard patio area dedicated to an offer of deciduous and coniferous Northwest naturally sensitive to the sun, such as Engelmann spruce and Mountain Hemlock.

After considering several ideas, who settled on a metal structure. It is a little more expensive than wood, but the minimum and simple aesthetics were attractive, and seemed to offset the cost. It also helps (a lot) to have a registered apprentice welding some time …

There are many simple things, it is likely they could do, but if they want more trouble and expense, we offer this option …


so many things start as long straight sticks …


Matt reel just need a ladder to reach the top of this 10 ‘elevator.


long arms of Matt were also very helpful when we overfilling of one of the holes and had to remove some gravel.


long straight sticks butter in need.


Our timbre, Bobby Curttright, making welding upper reinforcement.


The day we put the 8 seats on the floor with concrete.


How to connect the cable at the corners.


All that spending such a small amount of shadow … this is 30%. Unless you have been nice, a touch more also would have been nice, but it was the best compromise between the trees that need a little and those who wanted a little more. 50% shade cloth and are mostly understory plants that actually prefer shade, or for climates with very severe summers. 30% will take the edge off strong sun. Pines and junipers, in our relatively mild climate, banks are nearby, but not under the shade cloth.

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The complete structure with an attached awning. It takes a little 45 in the corners, but otherwise is complete. The shade cloth with eye was simply ziptied in place. We’ll have to remove it for the winter to avoid random snowstorm.

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Building a metal structure cloth curtain

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