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annual barbecue Bay Island Bonsai last weekend offered ample opportunity to stroll through the wonder that is the garden Boon. There are trees everywhere representing different sizes, shapes, styles and varieties of bonsai.

Bonsai benches

garden Boon

Bonsai benches

small and medium bonsai

Like the garden of Boon is not open to the public, events and Intensive BIB Boon are among the best ways to visit. A tree worth watching is one of the largest specimens in the garden, a massive Sierra juniper.

Giant sierra juniper

Big juniper

Like many of the trees in the garden are collected Boon, Rebar is a common sight. trees collected often undergo significant transformations, and rebar is a useful tool in this transformation.


Rebar in a juniper

accent plants fill many of the gaps between the trees, like a variety of specimens fun unrelated bonsai.

Pitcher plant

Pitcher Plants

pine foliage is never far away.

Pine foliage

pine foliage

Similarly, trees in every stage of development. Some of these are in their first containers awaiting initial bonsai style.



Other trees are fresh from the field.

Black pines

black pines

After spending enough time in the garden Boon, these specimens undeveloped begin to resemble the trees that we would like to show. Here is a black pine is about 20 years old after no more than 10 years of training.

Black pine

pine Black

Of course, there are also many fine bonsai.

Red pine

red pine

Shimpaku saikei

Shimpaku saikei

In total, there are more trees than are you can catalog rationally in a day. I hope you enjoyed this look!

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