bonsai tree care

BONSAI TREE CARE OF SUMMER – In summer, the indoor bonsai can be moved outdoors in the garden, on the terrace or on the windowsill. It is important to place them in a shady place, protected from direct sunlight and bathe them regularly, but it must be done correctly.

bonsai tree : care of summerMost pots bonsai is perforated, so that the excess water flows out while the plant retains water it needs. Better still choose a watering specifically for bonsai, with falling rain, which allows you to drop water on the soil gently without creating holes.

Especially in warmer areas, one can alternate the classical irrigation with direct immersion of the vessel in the water up to the upper edge of the vessel; you have to leave the pot in water until it is wet the top surface of the soil. Then remove the pot and let it drain without the saucer.
You can also refresh your hair with water spray jet.

The bonsai, living in a small container needs to be fertilized regularly from March to June and September to October. In July and August, and November to February is best to suspend instead.

During periods of growth also, during which new shoots elongate rapidly and if not checked, completely distort the aesthetics of bonsai, you will need to speak with the topping to keep the bonsai in its original form. It is important to let go a few months between topping and another.

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