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Bonsai tree care : How to prune a bonsai?

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How to prune a bonsai

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The bonsai is one of the highest cultural East, China and Japan, in the first place and is the materialization of the art of shaping: shaping and cultivating.
To ensure that our bonsai prosperous maintaining its compact size continuing to have lush foliage and form aesthetically pleases – a fundamental component of any bonsai – is necessary to pruning with certain tools, methods and timing. Sharp scissors and concave cutters are the tools necessary for this task and are commonly found in any good garden shop or those dedicated. Make removal of leaves or branches without a tool sharp enough slow healing by exposing the plant to attack by pests. The timing and mode vary according to the type of pruning that we want to perform: Maintenance pruning or training.

Pruning a bonsai basics

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The cutting of a branch must be in a net, as close as possible with respect to the node from which originates the branch and in the direction perpendicular to its development. And ‘advisable to perform the pruning starting from the apical part, so as not to return, as a result, on the same branch.

After removing a branch should cover the area of the cut with the pruning sealant to protect the plant and facilitate healing: the larger the size of the branch removed more this becomes important.

When making pruning of leaves and branches must be taken into account to not remove more than one third of the leaves of the plant, otherwise it would create an imbalance between the nourishment provided by the root system and that required from the top.

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At the beginning of the operations it is appropriate to sterilize the blade of the scissors with a flame, to avoid that the plant is attacked by fungi or bacteria present on the tool.

Pruning maintenance

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E ‘pruning lighter, but also the most accurate, and is responsible for: maintaining the shape, so that the light reaches all its parts and, finally, to ensure that the leaves maintain a small size. It performs throughout the year and generally affects the smaller branches and leaves of the upper and outer part because they grow faster. This pruning will remove the hidden gems in favor of the view, the suckers (vertical branches), and the branches that grow at the base of the trunk. These parts are to be cut as soon as possible so that the plant is not deprived of nutrients.

In the case of pine and conifer removal of the needles should not be used scissors, but it must be done the pinch: you keep holding the branch and gently pull the needles so that the leaves will break at the weakest point. Using scissors cut the tips of the needles become brown, creating unsightly stains in the color of the foliage.

Pruning Training

This is the time when you define or change the shape of the bonsai, which is why it is more invasive than the previous year and must be made at the time of dormancy.

The tool to use for this operation is the concave cutter to make it less visible cuts to large branches.

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The first thing to do in the formative pruning is to look at the plan and decide what form to give you. In the removal of the branches there are no specific rules but usually are eliminated: the parallel branches, those wagon wheel (i.e. branches that are located at the same height of the trunk and are arranged radially), and finally those branches that are disproportionate, from the base to top of the size of the branches should be decreasing. In shaping a bonsai is good to keep in mind that the front should be free of the back so you can appreciate at first glance the plant in all its completeness.

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Bonsai tree care : How to prune a bonsai?

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