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Bonsai tools: sharp and clean

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a bonsai treeBonsai tools – Bonsai has a special symbolism. In Eastern mysticism, specifically Zen Buddhism, it is an instrument for achieving the conjunction with nature. This combination is achieved by the mere observation of a specimen. His picture must be perfectly mate to a tree which develops freely. For this we must perform certain tasks need to ask gardening and bonsai tools to help us achieve our goal.

If you are familiar with your world know that when we acquire one must take care with special attention to their older siblings are as close as possible. For this reason care of bonsai are extremely thorough and requires special tools. They are not suitable for people with little calm and impatience. When you face your bonsai, take it quietly, and remember that each operation must be carefully done.

Bonsai tools: sharp and clean

Specific tools for detailed work

Requires specific attention, not only to maintain but also to achieve that desired look, which is not random. The forms of bonsai through various techniques are well defined (waterfall in forest, Formal upright, etc.), to acquire one must decide how we want to give, always bearing in mind the kind of question and perform gardening tasks under this objective.

There are tools made specifically for them, but in very specific cases we can assert useful general gardening. Keep in mind the small size of bonsai, so that we use them should allow us to reach every last corner.

Some essential

There are many goods produced for bonsai lover, but only some are truly indispensable. Here we cite several that are basic:

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Bonsai tools: sharp and clean

  • Scissors: Leaves must be extremely sharp for clean cuts. They are shorter and narrower than those of gardening in general, to get to the hidden corners. There are several sizes depending on what task we want to perform (pruning branches, leaves, etc.)
  • Chopsticks: used to untangle the tree roots when transplanting. Ideally be bamboo because it is a soft material and not harm our bonsai. They have to be very sharp.
  • Gubia: We will use dead wood carving and thus achieve a more natural look to our tree in miniature.
  • Brush: help us to keep the earth clean. We will use it to remove leaves and other elements.
  • Brush: him removes unwanted debris and dead barks pieces. There are several degrees of hardness.
  • Pliers: to prune. The bonsai are concave leaves, allowing clean cuts.
  • Rake and spatula: very useful for transplantation. The rake will help us untangle the roots and the spatula to smooth the ground after

Something important to note is that the tools must always be scrupulously clean. For this we recommend cleaning with alcohol. We should always do after every job, so that the dirt does not accumulate.

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Bonsai tools: sharp and clean

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