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Bonsai – Tips and Care for Beauty and Charm of Plants

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Bonsai – Tips and Care for Beauty and Charm of Plants – The cultivation of these shrubs in the last 20 years has attracted admirers from all over the world. And no wonder, since, besides being very beautiful, these small trees are easy to grow.

tips and care for beauty bonsai

To plant a seedling that eventually will become a true bonsai, the first thing that must be done is to fix a wire on the drainage hole of the pot, which should be about 2/3 the size of the base of the plant. Then, if some gravel added to the vessel for displaying the desired size, in most cases the plants must be 2/3 the length of their roots cut off. After that, just to accommodate the plant and fill the pot with soil.

One of the most important bonsai care to make them healthy and beautiful is watering, which should be done up to twice a day in warmer seasons. Already on normal days, watering every two days is enough. Ideally, the substrate of bonsai is always moist but never soggy.

Brightness is another very important for growing these plants point. Yet each species has different lighting needs. ideally, before buying the tree, experts in the area to be searched. If you already have bonsai, two tips are essential to know the amount of light is adequate: if the leaves are dark enough, can be a sign that they are in need of more lighting. If they are yellow, they may be getting too much light.

Another tip that cannot be left out is the fertilizer for bonsai, essential care for the plants to grow and develop well.

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It is also important to note that the bonsai pot should be swapped whenever necessary, i.e., when the roots are taking up all the pot so that plant growth is not jeopardized. This usually occurs every two years.

Finally, it is necessary to be prepared if pests emerge, being the most common aphid. To eliminate it, mix a little water and detergent and spray on the infected place. To decrease the chances of having your bonsai hit by these pests, in compost and during watering, just soak the earth.

Meet the most popular types of bonsai and the main feature of each:

  • Fukinagashi, which means “Swept by the wind”, the tree that has the trunk and branches inclined.
  • Kengai: displays the cascade style.
  • Han-Kengai: semi-cascade style plant.
  • Shakan: what type of Bonsai presents tilted slightly wavy style.
  • Moyogi: formal upright style and plan.
  • Chokan: plant with informal upright style.
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Bonsai – Tips and Care for Beauty and Charm of Plants



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