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Bonsai Pine

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Bonsai Pine – The tree, known as the pinus between creator’s bonsai is one of the species most prized by collectors and lovers of this art, as well as one of the most difficult species to educate as bonsai. It can come to live hundreds of years. Learn their management is an important step rise in the cultivation of this ancient art.

The pine trees possessing leaves are needle-shaped and woody stem, which had very interesting aspect with age.

bonsai pine tree care

How to care a Bonsai pine

How are outdoor plants, need sunlight at least six hours daily? Does not require the constant use of fertilizer, but we can use organic fertilizer every 30 days from spring to autumn, and should not fertilize in winter.

Transplantation can be done in late winter, every 2 years for new plants and every 5 years for older plants, by removing about 1/3 of the root ball. The soils should provide good drainage. We must be careful, every transplant to replenish the bottom of the vessel a white fungus called mycorrhizal, which lives in symbiosis. One can make use of the base product rooting thiamine following the transplantation period.

Radical pruning should be done in the winter, leaving always a stump that can be removed when it is dry. With respect to maintenance pruning, keep in mind that only grow branches from existing needles. If we remove all the needles of a twig, he will surely die.

Primary candles, which arise from early spring to early summer, should be pruned entirely in small pruning intervals from 20 to 20 days between the months of December and January. At the spot where we removed the primary candles, will arise several others, which are called secondary. After having grown by about 2-3 cm 2 at most we should leave and delete all the others, since otherwise it will form a callus that will be disproportionate to the plant. This secondary growth every two years may be removed by half, ie, in a year and let it grow in the next year pruned by half. The pruning of the needles can be made in early summer, pinching the top and bottom, keeping sides, which may eventually become new branches (bifurcation). We can try to force internal budding twigs, making a continuous clamping of the new terminal shoots, but we should never remove all the needles.

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The most radical armament should be done preferably in the fall and should be removed in early spring when new branches are easy to mold.

The spread is made more easily from seed.

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Bonsai Pine

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