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If you had asked me two weeks ago, if my bonsai were healthy and free of insects, I would have said yes. At first glance, everything seemed fine. Looking more closely, however, I discovered that one of my pines looked dirty.


some dirt on the needles – this must mean …

Aphids! Aphids are most commonly found in bonsai with tender foliage, but are not averse to feed on pine. Fortunately, they had only decided to inhabit one of my pines (and can not begin to guess why they chose the pine they did, as it was surrounded by other pines that were completely free of aphids).


Aphids hanging between needles


More Aphids

Although deserve prompt attention, aphids are relatively easy to detect and eradicate – unlike the scale needle pine far more pernicious. I usually switch between a variety of pesticides, oils, soaps, and when I discover bonsai pests. After spraying, I see affected trees closely to ensure that the creatures are truly dead and buried.

With Aphids happy-go-lucky check, I took a closer look at the selected trees in my garden only to find that my first nemesis in recent times, the worm – master of camouflage and able to chew up the latest variety in my backyard – however, you have to leave the premises. I pulled three of a hinoki I’ve been spraying regularly for 6 months. I climbed the tree systemic dose has been receiving and promised I inspect the foliage more often. Camouflage worm makes it remarkably similar to outbreaks eating.

Juniper foliage and worm

Tiny, well camouflaged-worm and shoot hinoki

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These demented creatures even ventured to munch on my last summer pines. I had never seen worms eat pine shoots before, but I am determined to maintain this becomes a habit. (I wrote about them eat sprouts juniper “Juniper pests.”)

A much more common enemy that pine is the little red spider. They are not much to see, but signs of their presence are unmistakable. Comparison of fresh green needles in the photo below with, longer yellowed needles last year.

Spider mite damage

spider mite damage

Mites as hot and dry conditions. They take advantage of the weakness of healthy trees before, but if the conditions are right, can cause significant damage to any pine in a matter of days. A disturbing fact of Wikipedia: “A single mature female can produce a population of one million mites in a month or so.” ! Yuck

A simple test that uses low high-tech equipment – 1 sheet of white paper – is a good way to detect red spider:

  1. Keep sheet of paper under a branch
  2. Touch the branch
  3. inspect small particles falling on paper
If small particles move, the odds are that it is the Red spider. The spray can get rid of mites tree in a simple way, but once the needles are damaged, the tree looks ugly until next year needles mature and old needles are removed.

Checking for spider mite

1. Tap the branch on the sheet of white paper

Checking for spider mite

2. Check for mites

Before running out to check for errors, I recommend you read the account of the battle of Aichi-in Peter tea against insects, “I love the smell of pesticides in the morning.”

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