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Bonsai Olea europaea – Olive

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Bonsai Olea europaea - Olive
Bonsai Olea europaea – Olive

Family – Oleaceae
Origin: Mediterranean Seashore.

Features: It is a perennial tree, green foliage all year, slow growth, but steady. Its fruits (olives) are extracted appreciated olive oil. Some species have broad, thin leaves, others small and round. The upper sheet has a dark green color is bright and clear bottom. As bonsai is rare that blossom and bear fruit.

Environment: Supports the well dry, sunny environments. Fits neatly inside, but it needs to be near a window, so you get the sun directly. Should protect it from frosts, but during the winter, needs special attention to temperatures below 5 ° C.

Watering: Needs always an even moderate watering during periods of growth. In general, it is watering when the ground is slightly dried by making it abundantly until the water starts to leave the vessel through the nozzles, avoiding waterlogging. One can spray the leaves to keep them clean. During the winter months, reduce watering.

Fertilizer: Need constant fertilization during the growing season. You can use the Nutri bonsai every three weeks, from September to March, when the plant is growing. Composting is not a sick or newly transplanted tree.

Transplantation: Every two or three years and may be extended. The transplant must be performed at the end of winter, before you start sprouting, looking to cut 1/3 of the roots. Mix in the ground, add 35% of medium sand (2mm).

Pruning: To get a good branch, prune when new twigs have seven or eight pairs of leaves, cutting up the first two or three pairs. If we wish to modify the structure of bonsai, we can twigs in winter, before bud break in the spring.

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Cleaning: Remove yellow leaves and unwanted shoots coming out of the trunk.

Trellising: You can Aramar throughout the year but the best time is during growth. To Aramar the sprouts, wait until they are a bit woody. The olive wood is too soft. We must use raffia to Aramar.

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Bonsai Olea europaea – Olive

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