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Bonsai Fertilizer – monitoring

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Last month I started using tea bags full of fertilizer to feed my bonsai. Unfortunately, it only takes a few days to realize that this technique did not work well as applied. The bags began to disappear immediately. Critters went through some of the bags and took others away completely, leaving behind the toothpicks that were intended to keep the bags in place. do not even try to solve that one – somehow all the bags of my best trees and only a few bags in the developing trees are removed. Instead, I’m going back to my method of fertilizer test of time -. Clumps of flour, cottonseed and fish emulsion

Tea bags on a pine forest

The bags intact tea in a pine forest

Tea bags on an exposed root pine

teabags in a root pine exposed

Cottonseed meal on a pine

cottonseed flour in a pine

Cottonseed meal on a pine

flour cottonseed more

usually start feeding my trees sometime between late January and mid-March, depending on weather and variety. If I repotted a tree, I wait about four weeks before feeding. Start by placing one or two mouthfuls of cotton flour and add additional loads every 1-3 weeks later, until most of the pot is filled with fertilizer.

Cottonseed meal on a cryptomeria

cottonseed meal feed a recently separated cryptomeria

supplement cottonseed meal with fish emulsion (see “Bonsai fertilizer” for more details). Fish emulsion is great, if stinky, fertilizer I feel comfortable using in all varieties of bonsai. Usually I apply fish emulsion weekly, although it could be applied more or less frequently at various times depending on the season, climate and variety.

Fish emulsion

fish emulsion

Ebihara feed your trees with diluted liquid fertilizer every three days (do not know what kind of fertilizer used). Others are mainly based on the dry fertilizer that releases food when the trees are watered. I have not noticed big differences between liquid and dry fertilizer or other categories, but I have to find a consistent application leads to the best results. And the best results, of course, depends on the purpose of the fertilization program. If I’m trying to increase the size of the trunk, the paid much. If I’m trying to branch branches delicate deciduous varieties, which fertilize very lightly and only after the new leaves have hardened off.

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As for tea bags, I have not given up completely. however, you can try the chili powder or other caustic agent that is detrimental to the harmful animals, but safe for the trees. And if I can do this well, I will celebrate and then publish the results.

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Bonsai Fertilizer – monitoring

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