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Bonsai – Facts and Tips for Growing Bonsai

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bonsai tree care tipsBonsai ; Facts and Tips for Growing Bonsai – Bonsai is a plant in miniature, an artistic replica of the full-size plant. The Bonsai exhibits the same characteristics of a natural plant, as the effects produced by gravity, growth and maturation.

Besides having an artistic meaning, also has a spiritual meaning, it means the approach of man with nature. There is no evidence of the place of origin of Bonsai, there are several stories where this has actually been place.

It is believed that was cultivated in China since 200 BC Bonsai was directly linked to religion, was reserved only for the nobility. The monks entered the nature to have more contact with nature, and with that species of small trees were discovered.

bonsai tree care tips

At first they took these little trees will (which were called trees – dwarf) to be grown at home and in the temples, in pots. Then over time were created techniques to improve the shape of the plants, with these techniques the tree could stay with the appearance of old and fruits grow no more (it would be a miniaturization of plants).

In the period between 1192 AD and 1333 AD in Kamakura, Bonsai was brought to Japan by Chinese monks. Japan Bonsai won a popular air, the Japanese gave perfection to Bonsai, and they created many cultivation techniques and many new forms of Bonsai.

The Bonsai came to Brazil with the first Japanese immigrants. Soon gained many admirers, Brazilian native plants began to be used for Bonsai. The kinds of plants used as Bonsai more woody stems are generally of small plants leaves, and in the case of fruit, are preferred for small fruit. Many of these trees are fruiting, so at certain times of the year it is possible to admire the whole bonsai full of flowers.

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Some examples of plants used as Bonsai are: Weeping Willow, Pau-Brazil, Gardenia, Jasmine, Azalea, Pine, among others. And the fruit: Mulberry, Cherry, Orange, Apple, and lemon, among others.

Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Bonsai always

Bonsai can be placed in kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms plus is essential that the Bonsai stand near the window where it receives light and is under a good temperature. Whenever the earth is getting dry Bonsai watering is necessary.

Putting the water slowly until it penetrates the earth and leaving a few drops through the holes. It is also necessary to fertilization Bonsai, which can be made with processed or organic fertilizers.

Bonsai can be pruned every month, it is recommended to be done by an experienced Bonsai. With these tips you can follow the development of your bonsai and have more contact with nature.

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Bonsai – Facts and Tips for Growing Bonsai

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