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Bonsai Convention (and animals!) In South Africa –

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In October I was in Johannesburg, South Africa to teach at their national convention. It was a pretty exciting journey, full of great hosts, impromptu trips in the city and national parks, fun times with bonsai, and large animals that either wanted to trample you, ignore you, or you eat, so which was quite interesting as well.

Many thanks to Derek and his family, Errol and Tommy, and for many different things, Ockie.

Here are some pictures of those two weeks, the first three courtesy Cindy Rodkin:




IMG_1980 were taken

breaks tea / coffee very seriously, which was a treat for me. I can drink tea rooibos (African Red Bush) almost addictive back home in the United States.


Rob Kempinski at work on stage.


Walter Pall front of a Jacaranda tree. They bloom in the spring in South Africa, which is October, and Johannesburg is known as the “Jacaranda City ‘.


One of the most attractive compositions in the show-


megafauna mandatory shots …


I was grateful to be in the car with Ockie, who was quite familiar to navigate away from the elephants. smart man. it was not supposed to go over the elephant dung on the road, because it is the favorite residence of a beetle endangered.


we did approach. Or rather, approached us. zebras are ‘donkeys pajamas luxury’ as he calls Ockie them-


buffalo water


This was part of a personal week exploring the southern coast, which is a modest trip tickets Johannesburg. This was in the area, very beautiful, subtropical, and rural “wild coast”.


Surprisingly awful picture of weaver birds, which make these condominiums nests at the ends of the palm leaves.

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Bedrock in the ocean. I saw an octopus in the pools.


curious succulent tree near the shore.


grinding in a traditional Xhosa people.


Impromptu seminar gave me the club Port Elizabeth.


The attempted, with some success, driving on the left side of the road. Intersections were remarkably, sometimes hilarious, scary.


This, believe it or not, is a Podocarpus which is about 1,000 years old and 120 feet / 37 meters. A very slow growing conifer! This was near the sea, in a subtropical forest with orchids hanging from the trees.


west coast of Port Elizabeth.


exquisite drawings of rocks in a museum, by the San people.

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Bonsai Convention (and animals!) In South Africa –

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