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Bonsai tree care – It’s a bad idea to think that a Seedling after 10 or more years in a bonsai dish a thick, mature miniature Bonsai is. This will never happen!. A tree gets its size Stem thickness always in the ground. Once he comes to stand in a Bonsai-Scale will stem diameter at most a few millimeters over the years increase. By a bonsai wire tree do get a better shape.

The start with a seedling is usually a long-term process. What to do better is to take an existing tree or a Bonsai Marcot (= Bonsai-layering ). Can be further worked until Marcot an independent full Bonsai.

What a fun hobby besides keeping Bonsai, it is a piece of tree cuttings. For example, a particular tree that you can find very beautiful. The Bonsai Cuttings in itself is an art in itself, not every tree is suitable. Often it is nice to have a little knowledge about the Latin names that have trees. To this way to contract more insight into “sex” where the tree belongs.

Watering is always a tricky thing. Is the component yet, water is one of the most important aspects of the care of the Bonsai. Too much is not good, and too little either.

Per Tree species, the mixture of the Bonsai Earth , the temperature and Plot Bonsai are all factors that determine how quickly dries out the earth. There are thus no general rules of giving. It can be said in general, never, but never late mengel completely dry out the soil. This is deadly! Once the soil feels dry, water immediately

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Losing leaves the Bonsai Care of Bonsai-for-Inside can have many causes. The need to begin within Bonsai often used from a relatively ideal environment of a greenhouse where he was raised with lots of light, heat and humidity to our dry, less light and less optimal living. Especially an Ulmus Parvifolia (Chinese Elm) and the Serrissa-Foetida are species that can initially leave rather quickly fall. Leaves fortunately, the tree soon recovered and they are after 3 week completely new leaf.

If these are in a heated room Bonsai then they should put on a Water-Dish. Through the water which in this dish stands and slowly evaporates the room Bonsai remains in a slightly humid air environment. The leaves take because this water back on what evaporates An additional advantage of a water dish is that there is no lime scale in the window created during watering the bonsai. i.e. There are usually holes in the bottom of the Bonsai-Scale.

It may also be that the Bonsai care is difficult in the beginning, as the Bonsai is kept too dry in the beginning. If so, water and spraying with a spray bottle and hope he goes out again. Usually they do so, because they are relatively quite strong
I would like to mention with regard to the third cause Bonsai Care that just bought Bonsai-for-Inside suffer from one or other has Pests . It all sometimes almost invisible small species of insects, with the naked eye, but deadly to your Bonsai. Recognition and direct action are very important. This also all for the Bonsai-to-Outside.

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Addition to the Grand-Bonsai, Bonsai Garden-and Mid-size Bonsai there is also a smallest kind Bonsai, the Shohin-Bonsai. With the maximum height of the tree 21 cm. the pot not included! There are even smaller Shohin-Bonsai , where the measurements even sit between 2.5 cm and 25 cm. Which is the best known name is that of “Mame”, which is between 8-15 cm. high.


In summer when the state goes beyond Bonsai drying up the Bonsai Earth even faster by the sun and the wind. Do not need to be as long as the ground surface moist to the touch, there is no additional water is given. The water should never be given as Bonsai in the sunlight. Always give the morning or evening water, giving preference to the morning, because the leaves still have the whole day to dry.


In Winter the same rules in bonsai care as those in the rest of the year. Let the Bonsai are not too wet, which often happens in autumn (root rot), and not too dry.

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