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Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina

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Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina – Here we are again to talk about our beloved “Bonsai”…

Ficus benjamina bonsai tree care
I know, I know I left you alone in this period and I regret; but today I’ll talk about a tree with remarkable qualities of adaptation in the house, so you can finally rejoice and begin to cultivate your “Benjamin” on the coffee table in the living room to smoke!!! But let’s order and start right?

Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina; Seed & Plant

The rubber plant is evergreen species, native to tropical and sub-tropical. It belongs to the family of Moracee, of which there are more than 600 species (charge, elastic, panda, along with bejamina retusa c he is the most popular among bonsai), with different characteristics: there are those that lose their leaves, those that form aerial roots, which are delicious fruits

F. benjamina is a shrub grown in pots can be up to 2 m high, has lance-shaped leaves delicate light green that darken with age. Reached an advanced age tends to emit aerial roots, beautiful “creepers” that the larger branches. Of course, these aerial roots are spectacular but, alas, I have never been able to have them issue … a little tip: do the right conditions for issuing aerial roots are allow to dry a bit more than usual the soil and create a high humidity environment ( often spray the foliage).

Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina; Exposure

In hot weather (such as Sicily or in the places of the sea) live well outside all year round, sunny position but not in direct contact with sunlight (it will cause burns to the leaves). In the rest of the Peninsula (especially in north-central), when the temperature drops below 11-12 degrees, you have to fix it at home in front of a bright window or in any position. He does not like the cold air currents, so watch out for drafts!!!!

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Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina; Repotting

In late spring (around May, I’d say) repotting is done every two years for juveniles and 3 years to mature ones, the compound is 50% recommended universal soil, 20% sand and 20% peat and 10% pumice, to give the right amount of limestone. Anyway, the soil and the percentages suggested are indicative information; change the percentage of the compounds basing on the climatic conditions in your area.

Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina; Watering

Being a purely tropical species, Ficus needs a high degree of humidity, is that of the ground of the surrounding air. Watered by sprinkling from above, never dipping the pot in water!! A good indicator of the need for water is given directly from the plot. Just as it is a good idea for most plants (except, of course, aquatic species!!) you have to wait until the soil is dry on the surface before wetting it again. In the summer if you keep the fig tree outside I guess I have to water every day, because even aided by the sun, the balance, the wind at the end of the day you will see that the ground is dry. A different (and much …) if in winter the plant is at home: you will notice that the soil will stay moist for a week, so you do not will water.

Ha!! important thing that I almost forgot to address the dryness of the air in the house (in winter the radiators remove moisture from the air), get a nice saucer top 4-5 cm, fill it to the brim with expanded clay, pour in 2 fingers water and place (not stuck!!!!) ficus on the clay jar, making sure that the bottom does not touch the water. In this way, with the evaporation of water from the saucer, you will create the microclimate around the hair close to that found in the Amazon rainforest. It will not be the same thing, but at least we will feel our well-loved at home!!!

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Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina; Pruning

The ficus is an essence that does not lend itself to tying the thread, so you have to train him almost exclusively by pruning. Pruning when new sprouts have 7-8- leaves, reducing them to 2-3. Do not leave too long branches with leaves too many otherwise you will end up a branch in a short time with bare terminal leaves and nothing else. For a good few internodes and branching must keep close!!! Particular attention should be paid to the direction of the last gem before cutting: remember that the direction of new bud depends from that!!!! The Ficus emit latex from the cuts, and then get you a tissue moistened for “dab” the wound and you will see that the cut does not “bleed” more.

Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina; Fertilizers

From spring to autumn can be administered every 15 days of slow release organic fertilizer, do not overdo it (if using granules, can give you a little bit caught between his fingers, like salt!!!). Better a little ‘less than too much anyway … avoid fertilizing in July and August, so the plant is stopped and “eat” very little.

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Bonsai apartment, Ficus benjamina

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