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The day after my students of season left I was so intrigued by what we had done with the Hemlock mountain from the post last week that put this Engelmann spruce in a plastic block also. While the first day with five students who had taken all day to find out, I made it for myself in just two hours. Knowing what the hell are you doing great works.

also include a pair of gunshots around my yard in this post

Engelmann spruce nylon aboard.

Close-up of the root mass on the board of nylon. I hope the moss will eventually grow over the edge and will be essentially invisible, floating a bit.

Part of the range of styles and trees I like to have around. And powerful traditional black pine next to the ethereal feel of native vine maple. There is a glycine left filled with flowers (I took 2/3 of them out, it was nuts this year.) The box on the right International Bonsai can remember many years ago.

The bank company plant … just starts to grow. A couple are already in bloom, such as cow pie and lettuce indomitable miner. If anyone knows what ‘cow pie really let me know. From Japan, large leaf, white flower. Most of these partners are native to the Northwest.

This was blooming daffodil three months ago, potted in one of the first bonsai pots I have taken. Drainage holes are 1/4 “wide. I had a lot to learn. Last year, the flowers were 10” high, this year was 6 “— plants reduce rapidly in a pot! Not too extravagant to display a tree but fun on its own.

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Board nylon fir in

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